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  1. Shelley has proven very accurate, caring and “real”. Now utilizing her unlimited month access to help with long term issues and her advice is truly helping.

  2. Shelley is a fabulous Adviser, Mentor & friend! She offers you no BS, mumbo-jumbo or confusion..just straight forward accuracy & honesty!

  3. Shelley is very intuitive psychic she is very unique (one of a kind)we have had readings as we have had many and you are fabulous and in my head (literally) I don’t need to say anything and you just nail it each and everytime. You explain it to me, before I can even speak you beat me to the punch line so I don’t have to as. You take the time to understand me so there is no miscommunication absolutely spot on. This is what makes you special when you do readings and you tap in my energy and I feel you very much as I am a voice person who absorbs everything you say to me and you know that I tell you thru our umpteenth readings. I have been reading with Shelley for about 3 years I believe I am not sure but you have guided me always in the right direction and just the fact that I barely even utter a word about any given situation you are already in my head speaking and finishing off my sentences. I am proud and honored to know Shelley, she has a very special gift not only is she helpful, insightful and caring and there is no miscommunication at all with her I ask her anything and she has helped me with many kinds of situations and that is why I continue to be a repeat customer. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking any information, she is definitely the real deal, she doesn’t need to know any names or pictures or birthdays or anything else as some do, which makes me leary of those asking too much private information as I feel they are fake and trying to either google or find out your birth sign and then in there words scramble to say it in another way which I have seen that happen and when I catch them and I have…they immediately go ahem ahem what is the question, let’s keep on moving a genuine psychic doesn’t do that and Shelley is real and she really cares for you as individual. I believe she is a very hard worker and has a genuine heart for her clients and that is what makes her so special.

    Thank You so much for always being you and giving true and accurate readings, don’t be fooled by others, Shelley is the real deal 100% highly recommend this wonderful lady.

    Lilly in Vancouver, WA

  4. Shelley Is AWESOME!!!! She doesn’t waste your time and is straight forward with her answers. She is very understanding and delivers her information as she sees it. She is definitely my favorite and totally give her a try, you will not be disappointed!!!

  5. I’ve been reading with Shelley for a couple of years now. I can’t say enough about her, she’s amazing. She has been 100% accurate. She calls it like it is. Has always been there for me through tough times, I always feel so much better after speaking with her. Shelley has been so accurate down to getting a phone call in about 10 days, which did happen. Advised me on not buying a house, said it was built over ‘springs’, unbelievable, the house is steps away from a spring fed lake! In fact the town has the name ‘springs’ in it due to a number of spring fed lakes. She told me a friend of mine (who didn’t have a boyfriend) would be married w/in the year, I just got a text yesterday that she is with the man she loves, is buying a house and got engaged. When she tells me something I just go with it because I am 100% sure she’s right.

  6. I have been reading with Shelley for a few years, she is a pleasure to work with and nails it everytime, there is nobody like her, she is honest and explains things. I recently have taken advantage of a special she had going on and within minutes I have spoken to her 2 times in I believe 3 days if that and everything again on the money literally was happening while we were in conversation. I encourage anyone to get a reading with her, you will not be disappointed she is a rare gem and is the real deal, caring, thoughtful, her words are encouraging and I pay attention to everything she says because not once has she ever been wrong and I am one to say I have spoken to her on good times and rough times and each time is as accurate as can be 100% and I have had many readings by others for over 20 years and Shelley is a keeper and I am so blessed that I have the pleasure to be one of her repeating customers, my mouth literally drops when she tells me things because it’s that accuracy of her telling me things that is going on in the now. I just got off the phone and during our conversation we were speaking of somethings in my life and literally the answer was coming thru as she was doing the reading so validation everytime! That is the exciting part, I always validate every reading she has given me to watch it evolve right then and in the now is amazing! Very gifted.

    Thank you so very much! 🙂

  7. This feedback is for 2 phone readings over Easter holiday and Reiki services.


    Shelley, you are so accurate and driven for achieving clarity. We both feel lifted by our understanding of where we are in our situations and where we are headed. Your Reiki services have literally provided instantaneous hints at results, so it is now up to us to keep it going.

    Bless you and your beautiful family. We will be back soon to keep the ball rolling!


    Charlie & Rachel

  8. Shelley is honest,accurate, personable and has a lovely energy about her.
    What a pleasure to have a reading with her! Don’t hesitate to call her.

  9. Shelley is like a dear old friend. I have been talking to her for a few years now and she never ceases to amaze me. She has been on target with what she sees in my life. She is a wonderful, kind reader. Her advice is laced with humor and light heartness. You will not regret talking with her! She always eases my mind.


  11. I felt so lost before my reading and she told me exactly the steps to take to alleviate my concerns. Shelley is extremely generous with her gift. She didn’t leave anything for me to question and made sure I understood what she was saying. She was very concerned for me and told me how to protect myself. She confirmed more than one suspicion I had. Shelley is not only an genuine person she’s a genuine Psychic : ) D. C.

  12. Shelley is fantastic! We have spoken a few times recently because so much of my life was up in the air. She predicted I would get a job in healthcare and that it would be in CT. Well today I received the offer at a hospital in CT. Thank you so much for keeping me grounded at an unsettling time. xoxo

  13. I’ve been in contact with Shelley a lot the past few months. She delivers very accurate, insightful, straight-forward messages. Trust what she says, because it’s straight from Spirit. I’ve gained needed clarity and many tools to help myself along the way. Definately recommend contacting Shelley- she’s extremely gifted and a true professional.

  14. Shelley has been reading for me for quite awhile now. I trust what she tells me. She has been very accurate with what she has told he. I have been contacting her recently regarding a relationship issue that I thought was over. She told me that I would be hearing from him soon and seeing him. Sure enough, he called me and we have spent quality time together. She has been accurate on job predictions. She knows her stuff and I trust her. She’s not out to sell dreams and get peoples hopes up. She is very genuine and tells it like it is. Did I mention a sweet person and gentle spirit she has. I also never feel rushed when we talk. She goes straight to it without me asking questions.

  15. Shelley is very in tuned every time I speak with her. She knew exactly what was happening with my love life and how we are feeling. She is helping me to understand why things are happening in my life. Thank you so much Shelley!!!

  16. I spread the voice among my friends here in Italy that you are so brilliant.. shelley you are the best psychics I ‘ve ever spoken to : very accurate, kind and empathetic
    Great reading, right on point. You have described my situation perfectly and gave me advice on how to proceed all my friends that contacted you are enthusiastic. You got everything without knowing anything.
    thak you Shelley
    your italian fan myriam :))

  17. I have been with Shelley almost a year and she has been right on point! She is super accurate, to the point, and tells it like it is! I love that about her. She has shared key visions about my job, love life, and guided me into some of the best decisions I have made in decades. All have come to fruition – higher paying job, met the love of my life (all the way down to where I would meet him, how he would look, the physical and emotional characteristics of him, and more). Shelley is stuck with me for life!

  18. Shelley is amazing!! I needed to know I was on the right career path -that all the time, money and effort I was spending on my project was the correct thing for me. She verified that I was and I am close. I have had some blocks and self doubts along the way and I was questioning my abilities. She confirmed everything for me and told me to stop questioning and to keep going.Looking forward to the next 6 month and all the new things coming to me for all my efforts!! Can’t wait to update her!!

  19. Shelley is an amazing reader. She doesn’t just tell you what you wanna hear. She has a way about her that makes you feel like she is your best friend and has only your interest at heart. She doesn’t tell you she can predict the future, no one can. But she can tell you what your options are gonna be. She can pick on the people you ask about and their feelilngs and intentions and give you the best advice that she can given all the varibles. She is a beaurtiful soul.

  20. non judgemental, accurate, accessible, and more than willing to help! She has been reading for me over 2 years and I don’t know what I would do without her.

  21. Shelley has became one of my “go-to” psychics when I need an extra set of eyes on situations in my own life. She is very gifted, down to earth and astonishing. She immediately picked up on the circumstances of a person that she had no way of knowing about that just developed last night. She is the psychic that psychics go to for information. Justin Chase Mullins Psychic & Medium

  22. Shelley has helped me tremendously with so many different situations on life, love, finance. Really just about anything and turns out to be very accurate. I always wonder how nd why God gives those such talents nd I marvel at such. I want to say thank you Shelley for giving me such great insights and Gods blessings.

  23. Had a reading today and WOW!!! She blew me away! So accurate and to the point!! Definately will be talking to Mystic Shelley again!! Amazing!!!

  24. Well were do I begin, I had a reading with Shelley in May 2014 we talked about a lot of stuff that was going on with me and a lot of changes. During the reading I took notes and We spoke again in July I took notes then as well. Everything in the notes has come to pass 100% correct.
    I have been reading with Shelley for years but when she said some of the things I Just could not see how it would come together. Fast forward to Jan 2015 its all happened. Thank You Shelley

  25. Shelley is always awsome. She is on spot and so caring. It’s like talking to your best friend, but she has the inside scoup. I have talked to her for a few years now and she never fails me.

  26. I had my first reading with Shelley yesterday. Her ability to read the deepest feelings, energy, relationships with others are beyond understanding. I felt like I was looking in the mirror and finally was clearly seeing my own reflection. She was confirming my hesitations, doubts and thoughts without me having to tell them to her. Her ability to see inside of you on the deepest level is stronger than your best friend. It’s like she has known you your entire life and she will be straightforward with what she sees. She sees your strengths and weaknesses and guides you how to overcome them and situations in your life. Her gift of reading and helping people is amazing! I am so thankful I was led to her! It also shows how little we know of spiritual reality and how fortunate we are to have her sharing her gift with us, complete strangers who are lost in life for different reasons. Once you talk to Shelley, you’ll never look at life the same old way.

  27. Shelley was fantastic. Was on the money describing the issue I came to her for. Will definitely be chatting with her again 🙂

  28. I really was not expecting much as I had simply paid for one text question. But boy, was I wrong! Not only was Shelley prompt in getting back to me, and not only did she answer my question, but then she asked to talk just to make sure that I was fully understanding what she was saying. I could not believe how much she genuinely cared. From that conversation, I got even more clarification. I was impressed and have a phone reading scheduled for tomorrow.

  29. Her reading was great she gave good advice and what she said lined up with other readers. Thank you so much for your time and help

  30. Shelley is an amazing intuitive. She has a genuine desire to help any situation you need assistance with and picks up extremely well on so much of what is going on with people, their thoughts and feelings and situations around you. She is definitely a “no-nonsense” reader who will tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear, and she will advise you and give tools as to how to move forward in improving your life circumstances. She has helped me tremendously through situations with a relationship and other issues, and kept me positive in my goals I am working on through her manifestation service. This service is highly recommended if you are searching for assistance in manifesting things into your life that you have been struggling with on your own, as things have been coming into fruition thus far. She has been there for me in tough times when I needed reassurance and times when positive things started happening, and I just didn’t understand what was happening at the time. She really knows just what you need anytime you seek advice from her. You will always get straight answers out of her. She’s definitely a pro and the real deal.

  31. Shelley is a wonderful person to talk to. What started out as a quick call has turned into a two years of learning experience. She has helped me through a tough relationship, the death of my mother and transformation of myself. She has guided me and help me take a path that has led to happiness, confidence and given me strength to change for the better. Her accurate readings have allowed me to be secure in my actions and not repeat the same mistakes. With this, I have been able to take the steps I need to build a stronger relationship, let go of fears and go after what I want. Manifesting with Shelley is the best thing I ever did. It has got me closer to the the love of my life and helped me to understand his situation and to react in a positive manner. It had also helped me to face the situation and be stronger. It has made all the difference in my life! Go Ahead give her 20 mins and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Amazing!!

  32. Shelley was not only straight to the point, but compassionate and understanding. I did a thirty minute call, and almost ran out of things to get guidance on! Where other psychic may throw a lot of fluff conversation your way, or use tools (tarot, pendulums) to enhance their answers, Shelley is too busy speaking the truth. She brought her “A” game, which come to find out is her only game! I was so impressed with her knowledge of my situation, my energy field and my aura. I feel so relieved to know that I am going to be okay, and that good thing are coming my way. Sometimes we need people like Shelley to come along and give us a pick me up, especially when we are too blinded to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Shelley can see that light and knows just how to explain what’s coming your way. Thank you so much for all of your insight!

  33. Always great. Have gone to Shelley 2 times now and the last time she told me what would happen it did. Waiting to see what unfolds this time 🙂

  34. I love this woman! She absolutely blows me away.She needs no information from you-she starts immediately after she answers the phone. I’ve found my go to mystic Shelley is sweet and very caring.She made a believer out of my skeptic mother.Call her =you will NOT be disappointed.

  35. Mystic Shelley so right from the start about things that had been on my mind and how I am! She told me about my move and said if I wanted I could go and would be fine! That was a major stress for me because of the big commitment involved! I hope the things she said would happen in July/August 2015 will happen!! Thank you again Mystic Shelley! I look forward to speaking to you again soon!!

  36. Shelley you were so right, he texted before the weekend. He was totally miserable. We talked and he said he realized just how much he loved me. He said he never wanted another man to even kiss me. It’s still not perfect. But today… we are both very happy. You are a dear woman with a great gift. Thanks so much!!!

  37. Shelley did a Manifesting for me back in December regarding a troubled relationship that I was going through. I walked away from the relationship and while I had faith that we would reunite, I also knew that there were issues that needed to be resolved and not just on a conscious level. After 2 months of the manifesting being completed it was night and day. It really works and I highly recommend it.

  38. Shelley has been reading for me for over 3 years. She is spot on. I never have to tell her what’s going as soon as I say hello she starts telling me what she’s picking up around me.
    I’ve taken her spiritual guidance course and it really helped understand the “inner workings” and of course improve my own intuition. I am now able to look at underlying layers of every situation and make better decisions. She’s always giving me tips and direction with my spiritual journey. She also offers a variety of packages for any budget, which is really helpful when there is an on-going situation. I cant say enough about her, she is very gifted and truly special.

  39. I would definitely recommend to try her out. Unbelievable how she can be so accurate about stuff she couldn’t possibly know. Reinforce alot of beliefs that I had and helped me back to the right path.

  40. Shelly is the best, I have had many readings from her and they all have been right on. Shelly doesn’t beat around the bush she tells it as she sees it, she is a very caring, thoughtful person and I trust her with my life. Thank you Shelly for being there every time I need you

  41. I had a reading with Mystic Shelley through email. She was so prompt with her response. After I read what she wrote to me, I had a question relating to one of the answers, she CALLED ME AT HOME to answer my question! She is awesome. I have had readings from her before and she’s always right on the money, and I will continue to call on her.
    Thank you Mystic Shelley!

  42. Last night, I had my first reading with Shelley. She is a very honest, straight-forward, and compassionate person. During, the first 5 minutes of our phone conversation it seemed like I have known her forever. Before, my reading I had some relationship issues that I have been struggling with for little over a year and she provided me peace, clarity, and understanding of the matter. She is so down to earth and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her and really looking forward to the next session!

  43. Ms Shelley was amazing. I was skeptical but she made me a believer. She was accurate and I will call her again. I will recommend her services.

  44. Wow! Totally blown away. I introduced myself and she immediately knew what was going on. The connection I felt with her was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. She didn’t focus on the surface issue, she went deep into the core. I’ve had numerous readings with others, who were accurate, but no one has ever addressed ME in the situation. Typically they would focus on the other person. After those I still felt a little lost, but after speaking to her, I felt like I had some useful information with how to get myself to a better place. She is exactly what I needed. Can’t wait to work with her more in the future.

  45. I must admit Shelley is very accurate. She gave me insight on my children and their future careers. I must admit she right at the time my daughter was into cosmetology and my son into television production. She also said my boyfriend and I were soulmates even though he had left home, needless to say he did move back home in June and we got married in Dec, once married he stated “what took me so long” and feel marriage brought us closer and he loves me even more than before. Life is grand and Shelley knows her stuff.

  46. Shelley, thanks so much for the wonderful reading! I felt like I was talking to an old friend at the kitchen table. Your answer to my 1 question/$5 reading was so informative and insightful, that I decided to continue and have the 30 minute reading. You focused on everything that’s been happening in my life – confirming my thoughts and visions of the past, present, and future – while recommending ways to protect myself against negative energy. For anyone in doubt, Shelley is “the real thing” and I would advise anyone in need of a great psychic reading to have it with her!!!

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