Priscila Alfaro

Get out of pain & Confusion!

Hi there, my name is Priscila. I understand the pain of confusion when we are craving a change in our life. We no longer feel aligned with where we are and wish to be free and feel loved. We want to find our purpose and align with our soul but don’t even know where to start!

I am here to guide you and help you to move out of pain and confusion and align to your purpose by using several spiritual tools:

Areas of Expertise

Twin Flames (Almas Gemelas)

Career Coaching

Intuitive business consulting

Guidance for empaths

Manifesting guidance


Akashic records readings


About me

I was born and raised in Costa Rica, and moved to the U.S. during one of my major career shifts. I have gone through a few spiritual awakenings. I am an empath, healer, twin flame, divine & intuitive channeler, teacher, and career coach. I live in New England with my two sons. I am looking forward to serving you!


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